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to any destination

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Preview Your Trip
Enjoy access to more detailed information with Street View™ and the latest satellite images, before you head out. If you’re in a new place or have multiple stops, organise your trip better by making notes on emergency services, food stops and places you can refuel.
FREE Traffic Info
Traffic is never static and snarls can crop up anywhere. Stay one step ahead by getting free traffic reports and updates before you leave. Conveniently share info with friends and get new route options in case the traffic situation changes during your commute.
Latest Weather News
It always pays to check what the weather is going to be like, before you head out. Get accurate weather reports, a daily or weekly forecast and additional information like wind speed, humidity and more from trusted weather resources on your New Tab.
Getting around in a new city or finding better routes in one you already know has never been easier. With Directions and Maps Plus, your daily commute can become faster and easier. Stuck in traffic? You’ll get new route options. Lost? We’ll show you the way to your destination with easy to follow turn-by-turn instructions. Simply type in your start location and end destination to check out any route, anytime, anywhere.


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